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You want to become an event organizer of Startup-Woche Düsseldorf 2020? We are looking forward to your application.

Detailed information on participation can be found here.

The application process for your event consists of three phases:
1 Submit your application online until October 29, 2019
2 Selection of the organizers for 2020 by the office for economic development Düsseldorf
3 Feedback and program confirmation on November 11, 2019

Deadline: October 29, 2019

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Event date

Please indicate three possible event dates by priority. We try to give you the best possible date for your event as part of the program planning process.

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Categorization of your event

Please note: We ask you to categorize your event as detailed as possible. The categorization will help the visitors in the selection process of the events via the filter function on our website. The names of the individual categories can still change as part of the program planning process.

Please give your event a main topic:

Business developmentCooperation with medium-sized enterprises / corporatesStartup pitchHuman resourcesPrototypingDesign, fashion, creative industriesDigitization / IoTExpansionExpats in DusFinancingSociety / valuesLearn to pitchMarketingLaw and taxesDistribution

Please give your event a sub topic:

Working methods / new workRetailFoodMobilityPropertySocial entrepreneurshipLegal formSustainabilitySupport programsE-commerceAccountingIdea generationInvestorsemployeesOnline marketingPublic relationsInsuranceInvestmentsBrandingBusiness plan / canvasBusiness model developmentGrowth hackingInternet lawLean, agileFinding co-foundersOffline marketingPatent, property rightsPresentingContracts

Please name the event format.

The event format will give the visitors a sense of how your event is structured: Do the
visitors actively work on their own project? Is it a knowledge lecture? Is networking the
heart of your event?


Please name your target group(s).

Please define the target group of your event as precisely as possible. We recommend to only
select multiple target groups if you offer e.g. a networking event.

corporates / SMEsthose interested in starting a businessskilled crafts and tradesinvestors / business angelsstartups

Event language

GermanEnglishGerman and English

Tickets for your event

Subject to chargesOnly available with application and subject to chargesOnly available with application

If you are planning a free event for visitors, please note that free events are also subject to a
nominal fee (in the amount of 3 EUR / ticket). These will be paid to you or donated to a good

Event title

Short description of your event

Aims of your event

Speaker name (if it is already known):

For how many visitors is your event designed?

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