Application 2024

You want to become an event organizer of Startup-Woche Düsseldorf (June 3rd – 7th, 2024)? We are looking forward to your application.

Before you fill in the form, please read all the information about participation, the requirements and the procedure carefully.

Deadline for submission of an application (main event): 26.01.2024
Deadline for submission of an application (side event): 26.03.2024

Event Organizer

Please indicate here under which name you would like to appear as host in the programme

Event type

For more information, please see information for organisers (page 5 - 9) here.

Event date

Please enter the time in the following format HH:MM.

Prospective event location

* On-site events are treated preferentially

Event format

The event format will give the visitors a sense of how your event is structured: Do the visitors actively work on their own project? Is it a knowledge lecture? Is networking the heart of your event? In this context, the formats are each limited in time in order to better structure the programme and avoid overlaps.

Target group(s)

Please define the target group of your event as clearly as possible. You can give a maximum of 2 groups. If you would like advice on what to offer for a specific target group or for which target group your event is best suited, please contact We will be happy to help you!

Topic allocation

Please note: We ask you to categorize your event as detailed as possible. The categorization will help the visitors in the selection process of the events via the filter function on our website. The names of the individual categories can still change as part of the program planning process.

Please give your event a main topic

Please give your event a sub topic

Event language

Tickets for your event

If you are planning a free main event for visitors, please note that free events are also subject to a nominal fee (in the amount of 3 EUR / ticket). These will be paid to you or donated to a good cause.

Event title


Short description of your event

Please describe how your event will be structured, which target group it is aimed at and what will be worked on / taught.


Aims of your event

Please describe the goals of your event, why it is relevant to your target group and why it should not be missing from the Startup-Woche Düsseldorf programme.


For how many visitors is your event designed?

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