Wed. 22. May 2022
10.00 am – 12.30 pm
  • Prototyping

Crash Course for Serial 3D Printing

Please note that this event – depending on the group of participants – will be held either in German or in English. 

iFactory3D GmbH


Additive manufacturing has been playing an increasingly important role in modern production for some time now. The resulting flexibility enables faster response, great independence and, above all, growth potential.

However, there are still limits to 3D printing, especially in terms of size and automation. Human interaction is still required after each print. But that is about to change: Coveyor belt technology is opening up a range of new possibilities – and we’d like to introduce you to them in this crash course.

With our 3D belt printers, objects of unlimited length can be produced, the rolling of the conveyor belt makes endless product series possible without supervision, and the angled printhead makes it possible to realize different product shapes than on conventional 3D printers.

We will show you which special features you need to pay attention to when developing and realizing your 3D models so that they can be ideally produced on a 3D belt printer. Among other things, we will print examples to directly demonstrate the advantages of 3D printing.

Our CTO Martin Huber looks back on more than ten years of experience in 3D printing. He will provide you with valuable insights and tips on the subject – even for those who have no experience in this regard. So perhaps 3D printing is also the game changer for your idea or your company?

Martin Huber
Artur Steffen

Target groups
Pre-Seed / Seed Startups, Scaleups

iFactory3D GmbH
Bismarckstraße 77

The nominal fee of 3,– € will be donated to the fe:male Innovation Hub Düsseldorf.

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