Fri. 11. June 2021
10.00 am – 05.00 pm
  • Business development
  • Expansion

Creating Network Effects in a B2B Marketplace

Metals Hub GmbH

Business development, Expansion

In our interactive workshop, you’ll learn more about the strategy of a B2B digital marketplace and the valuable network effects that result from it.

Nearly 20 years ago, Jeff Bezos introduced the Amazon Flywheel – a strategy that would enable Amazon to continuously generate customer interest and growth. But how do you engage customers in such a digital model, especially in an industry with a low level of digitization? And how do you build a Flywheel in the first place?

At this event, our founders will share the idea behind our marketplace, what challenges we had to overcome to achieve customer buy-in and what approach we take to product development. Then, in small groups, we will address questions and issues we have faced in the past and develop potential solutions. Finally, an open Q&A session with our product team will give you the opportunity to ask questions, share your own challenges and discuss them with us and the other attendees.

Metals Hub is a tech startup that provides a B2B digital marketplace for metals and ferroalloys to promote a more efficient and liquid physical market. More than 1,000 companies around the world now trust and rely on our platform and we are working tirelessly towards our vision of becoming the world’s leading platform for the metals and ferroalloys community.

Target groups
those interested in starting a business, startups

Attendees will receive the URL to the event by e-mail shortly before the event begins.

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