Mon. 22. May 2023
10.00 am – 10.45 am
  • Business model
  • Going international
  • Marketing / sales

Failing as Fempreneur? Shit Happens!



Business model, Going international, Marketing / sales

Can you spontaneously think of five female entrepreneurs who you would describe as role models? Probably not – and that is a big problem! It still takes a lot of courage to speak out as a woman in business. And it takes more time to become visible. We want to show you that it can be done differently!

Jolien Demeyer is a successful entrepreneur with no less than three businesses: a marketing agency, a real estate company and her latest achievement: a technology startup. In addition, she never misses an opportunity to promote entrepreneurship in various ways to different audiences – including aspiring fempreneurs.

And despite her successes, Jolien has faced numerous defeats throughout her career. So, failure is no stranger to her. She has been made redundant, struggled to keep her business afloat during the economic crisis and suffered other setbacks. But: she has survived and come out stronger. And she wants to share her experiences with others in the spirit of “shit happens, get over it and move on”.

In her keynote, Jolien will focus on female entrepreneurship and breaking down stereotypes by sharing her experiences and encouraging women not to shy away from entrepreneurship.

Speaker: Jolien Demeyer

Target groups
Pre-Seed / Seed Startups, Scaleups

Attendees will receive the URL to the event by e-mail shortly before the event starts

The nominal fee of 3,– € will be donated to the fe:male Innovation Hub Düsseldorf.

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