Fri. 26. May 2023
03.00 pm – 06.00 pm
  • Human resources
  • Cooperations startup with SMEs / corporates
  • Pitch

Founders Hike


Please note that this event will be held in either English or German, depending on the group of participants.


Human resources, Cooperations startup with SMEs / corporates, Pitch

Forget pitches! Forget lectures! Forget networking drinks! Forget parties! We are going hiking.

At 80 per cent of all meetings with founders, HR people, investors, scaleups or corporates, there is either alcohol, too much coffee or dry speeches. What remains are coffee stains and some LinkedIn contacts. And even the oh-so-exciting task rallies or bumper car rides are somehow nothing new anymore. So let’s do something really crazy together: we’ll go for a walk! Because, as we all know, the best conversations are had while walking.

Our meeting point: Apollo Restaurant, Apollo Platz 1
Our walking distance: about 4 km along the Rhine
Participants: around 20 to 30 people
Conditions: in all weathers

Background: We have had good experiences with our walkshops, which have already attracted several hundred participants. The main purpose of a walkshop is to get to know the other participants intensively while at the same time developing a very important set of skills from the field of for sustainable living and acting. This is especially interesting for startups that are active in the field of sustainability or social entrepreneurship. But also for everyone else!

Speaker: Witali Bytschkow

Target groups
Scaleups, Corporates / KMU

Meeting point in front of the Apollo Restaurant/Rhine bank
Apollo-Platz 1

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