Mon. 7. June 2021
10.00 am – 01.30 pm
  • Business development
  • Digitalisation & IoT
  • Prototyping

Health Monitoring with 0G instead of 5G


Business development, Digitalisation & IoT, Prototyping

Autonomous vehicles, interconnected machines, streaming: the whole world is calling for ever faster Internet. But what about the “very small”, often overlooked cases where data communication plays just as important a role?

Computers, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches wouldn’t be so smart if it weren’t for the many tiny sensor helpers built into the products. For years, these have been produced in tiny dimensions, at the highest quality and are being used in more and more everyday situations. But how does the resulting data get to the cloud quickly, reliably and automatically?

IoT technologies like Sigfox can play an essential role in this regard. The world’s leading network for the Internet of Things is located at the other end of the frequency spectrum and, unlike 5G, has a very long range with very low data throughput. GREATECH is a Sigfox pioneer in Germany and began setting up and expanding production for Sigfox sensors several years ago. By now, the innovative company from North Rhine-Westphalia produces a whole range of Sigfox-compatible sensors and works with customers and partner companies on the future of the Internet of Things.

Our event will focus in particular on the topic of health monitoring. The smallest sensors will help to make patients’ lives safer and more comfortable, but also to relieve doctors or relatives. Together with highly exciting partners from the high-tech industry, we will show how such products are created and how our participants can also make a difference.

Cooperation partner:
Factory Campus GmbH & Co. KG

Christoph Grundig
Takahiro Ezaki

Target groups
corporates/SMEs, investors / business angels, startups

Factory Campus
Erkrather Straße 401

Attendees will receive the URL to the event by e-mail shortly before the event begins.

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