Tue. 23. May 2023
10.00 am – 12.00 pm
  • Law / taxes

Legal Pitfalls in the Life of a Startup


Please note that this event will be held in either English or German, depending on the group of participants.


Law / taxes

How can founders avoid classic legal pitfalls and set the right course as soon as they start their business?

We would like to answer these questions in our event, which is aimed at everyone interested in founding a company and startups in the early stages. Our speakers are partners of various incubation formats and are therefore experienced in presenting legally complex topics in a simple and comprehensive way.

The format is organised by the law firms YPOG, based in Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg, and ROCAN, based in Düsseldorf. According to PitchBook, YPOG has been the most active venture capital law firm in the DACH region since 2020: in 2021 alone, YPOG’s lawyers advised on over 100 financing rounds. ROCAN advises national and international clients on antitrust law and foreign investment control. The speakers Johannes Janning (Partner YPOG Cologne), Benedikt Flöter (Associate Partner YPOG Berlin) and Timo Angerbauer (Partner ROCAN) will present the legal topics based on practical examples from financing rounds, due diligence and the day-to-day advice of startups.

In terms of content, the following topics will be covered:

  1. Employee participation: What is a VESOP and how do employees participate in the success of a startup? Can I simply issue shares to employees?
  2. IP strategy: As a startup, how and when do I protect my intellectual property rights such as trademarks and software developments?
  3. Open source: Why can open source become a “red flag” in a financing round? What do I have to consider when I involve freelancers in the development of my software?
  4. Data protection: How can I set up a data protection system with only limited resources?
  5. Convertible loans: Why is a convertible loan often the right alternative to secure the first financing for my startup and what is actually the difference to a classic financing round?
  6. Regulatory issues: What regulatory issues need to be considered in everyday life and during the exit?

Afterwards, the participants will have the opportunity to address questions and share experiences in the group or bilaterally.

Timo Angerbauer
Johannes Janning
Benedikt Flöter

Target groups
Gründungsinteresssierte, Pre-Seed / Seed Startups

Center for Entrepreneurship Düsseldorf (CEDUS) der HHU
Universitätsstraße 1

The nominal fee of 3,– € will be donated to the fe:male Innovation Hub Düsseldorf.

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