Tue. 21. May 2022
10.00 am – 01.00 pm
  • Business model
  • Going international
  • Marketing / sales

Making My Brand Visible

Please note that this event – depending on the group of participants – will be held either in German or in English. 


Business model, Going international, Marketing / sales

Brands live on personality, attitude and identity. We look at brands holistically and develop strategies to make brands unique – whether digital or analog, whether in virtual or built space.

Our event is divided into three sessions. Each session will start with a short keynote on the respective topic. Afterwards, we will give practical reports, share our experience and discuss together. You have the choice of attending all three slots or registering for just one topic of interest.

Our event will provide orientation on the following topics:

1. strategic brand development, branding and communication.
Brands must be strategic, holistically thought through and of course sustainable – and remain a top priority for the boss. When is one a brand? Prof. Felix Thomas, designer and managing director of Schwitzke ID, will highlight how brands become personalities.

2. brand in space: design of retail, hospitality, showroom and new work spaces.
Tina Jokisch, architect and managing director of Schwitzke & Partner, explains how brands can be transferred and staged in space, how a coherent concept is developed, and finally how the space for one’s own community is created.

3. realization of brand concepts: from prototype to pilot project to scaling in constructional implementation and expansion are often underestimated: from site evaluation and budget determination to administrative coordination and building regulations to final implementation. Wolfgang Sigg, architect, project manager and managing director of Schwitzke Project, will show the exact chronological sequence.

Of course, we will also address the topic of sustainability.

Prof. Felix Thomas, Managing Director Schwitzke ID – Strategic Design & Brand Development
Tina Jokisch, Managing Director Schwitzke & Partner – Architects & Interior designers
Wolfgang Sigg, Managing Director Schwitzke Project – General contracting & project management

Target groups
Corporates / KMU, Investoren

Schwitzke GmbH (Spoerl Fabrik)
Tußmannstr. 70

The nominal fee of 3,– € will be donated to the fe:male Innovation Hub Düsseldorf.

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