Wed. 24. May 2023
05.00 pm – 07.00 pm
  • Business model
  • Cooperations startup with SMEs / corporates

Web 3.0: Self Sovereign Identity for Startups


Wacom Europe GmbH

Business model, Cooperations startup with SMEs / corporates

Unlock the full potential of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Web 3.0 for your startup!

Web 2.0 has a lot of challenges and the data collection and the centralisation of identity services pose high risks to our society today. Web 3.0 now promises a radical change in the way one’s identity and transactions are managed in the digital space.

In our session, we will take a closer look at the so-called Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) and how it will become the supporting identity management framework for Web 3.0. How can the SSI framework be used in everyday applications to ensure the transition from centralised, platform-based services to decentralised, user-centric services?

Today, our identity and data are largely in the hands of third parties, so we have no (more) control over them. We may manage our passwords and log-in data in a spreadsheet or classically with pen and paper – but as soon as we log in somewhere, the data is in the hands of an external service that could be hacked or has even already been hacked.

Using a password management service to get a SSO (Single Sign On) capability does not help. Neither does the use of identity management services such as those offered by Meta/Facebook or Google. Such services actually exacerbate the problem. Because what happens if Meta/Facebook or Google are hacked?

Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) bundles a number of technologies that allow end users to retain full control over their credentials. The credentials are managed locally. The service to be accessed checks that the credentials are correct when they are presented. In this way, credentials are decentralised and there is no central storage of user credentials. Instead, only end users have their own credentials.

We will present Self Sovereign Identity in detail and discuss with experts about use cases and success stories where SSI has been used, for example, to transform services into a decentralised Web 3.0 framework.

The event is aimed at an English-speaking, tech-savvy audience.

Avinav Khanal, Senior Manager Creative Right Initiative, Wacom
Joss Giffard-Burley, Director Ink Ecosystem Architecture, Wacom

Target groups
Gründungsinteresssierte, Pre-Seed / Seed Startups, Scaleups, Corporates / KMU

Wacom Experience Center Düsseldorf
Zollhof 11-15

The nominal fee of 3,– € will be donated to the fe:male Innovation Hub Düsseldorf.

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