ASEAN – Top opportunities for startups

Singabiz Ltd.

Are you a startup founder, do you already have a startup or want to launch one soon? Are you interested in the ASEAN economic region? Then you will find out everything you need to know about it here!

Singabiz, MIDA, German Accelerator and other renowned (co-)hosts with in-depth knowledge of various Asian countries with many years of experience of operating in the Asian economic region will give you an initial insight into the ASEAN markets and their economic potential.

The basic message is that German startup entrepreneurs and startups benefit from the emerging markets of South-East Asia and can grow successfully in these markets. After all, products with the “Made in Germany” seal are in demand in Asia. But be warned – not all ASEAN countries are equally suitable for startups and company founders. To be successful in ASEAN, you need to prepare your market entry well and think carefully about the countries you want to start your business in. You will be given a great deal of interesting information on these topics and can even network with Singabiz. This company accompanies and supports startups on their way to ASEAN – every step of the way.

cooperation partner:
MIDA – Malaysian Investment Development Authority und
German Accelerator