Creative Hive x Carlsplatz

Creative Hive

Creatives and entrepreneurs combine their strengths to shape the future. The Creative Hive Community and food explorers now have a presence on Carlsplatz.

Do you want to meet people who will share their experiences as an entrepreneur? Do you want to exchange knowledge and think about ideas, innovations and business together? Do you want to be part of a community that may one day change the world in a creative way? If so, we look forward to meeting you! You could be a startup, an accelerator system, a creative from the art, culture and marketing sectors, a scientist or a digital business expert – whatever, cross-industry collaboration is the order of the day. After all, when your own inspiration is waning, you need concepts, ideas and thoughts from other people’s worlds. And we have created a solution specifically for that. Creative Hive is a platform for creative networking, inspiration and initial ignition of ideas, projects and business deals. We use a wide range of formats and encounters in the community to bring the hive to life. We connect entrepreneurs, lateral thinkers and creatives.

cooperation partner:
Food Explorer and
DDB Group Germany