Decision making in teams


There is a distinct art to efficient, sustainable and conflict-free decision making in a team. The systemic consensus principle is a particularly successful method of achieving this.

Coach Christian Drees shows you how to use the systemic consensus principle in your teams to make decisions and solve problems. You discover how to avoid systemic conflict and the split into winners and losers, particularly as your projects increase in complexity. What methods can you use to arrive at sustainable decisions that are acceptable to everyone? How can you encourage constructive behaviour in your team? How do you encourage reserved team members to make a contribution? Drees knows the methods you can use to fully exploit your team’s potential — its creativity and productivity.
The systemic consensus principle helps you avoid all the disadvantages of previously known methods of group decision making. Not just that, you achieve sustainable conflict resolution. The method leads to decisions with the least resistance in a group and therefore to solutions with the highest acceptance.

Speaker: Christian Drees

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