“Dorfhack”: Raise the community

StartupDorf e. V.

What are the needs of startup communities in cities and regions? The “Dorfhack” shows how digital solutions can meet their needs.

Startups are more successful where there is a lively community. Because this promotes an exchange of ideas, creativity and the development of concepts. But how can such communities be made more interesting, more diverse – livelier? How can digital solutions support them in this? Together you will define common challenges in which you develop possible and even definite solutions – hacks – which later providers, users and communities can benefit from as well as startups. We will take two days to tackle various challenges, develop solutions and implement prototypes as far as possible. Anyone who wants to contribute their own ideas,  enjoys implementing them or wants to develop their community, is most welcome! The “Pen & Paper” hackathon is the opportunity for community builders to take the next step. Want to know more? Simply go direct to “StartupDorf” or www.dorfhack.com.

The hackathon only takes place on 11. April, not as announced as well on 12. April 2019.