Hackathon-bits, bytes & feelings | Cancelled

Network Insight GmbH

Discover the opportunities that are evolving from natural language and content processing. This is a hackathon where programmers can run riot.

Do Instagram posts show happy people? What sort of atmosphere is there on social network sites such as Twitter? These are the sorts of questions we will be answering during our hackathon! IBM’s Watson and Amazon’s Rekognition stand ready to provide technical support so that you can program to your heart’s content.
IBM’s Watson uses natural language processing. Neural networks interpret signals from language and standardise this for use in practice. Amazon’s Rekognition enables image and video analysis. It is based on highly scalable deep learning technologies and carries out label and facial analysis functions. We look forward to some exciting programming time with you! All contributions will be published on GitHub under GNU General Public License afterwards. Please bring your laptop with you.
Interested? Then send a mail to [email protected] with your name and a short note about your programming experience.

Network Insight GmbH

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