Key to design

Wacom Europe GmbH

This talk reveals how design processes are changing and why focusing on the user of a product is the key factor behind its success.

Whatever you are designing, you need to think of the people who will be using your product. These people are real human beings who will interact with your product. Your product is just a tool that helps them reach their goal. In this talk, Wacom’s product design and UX research team will explain their design thinking processes and the importance of discovering and defining a usability problem. They tackle this problem by empathetically designing a solution, taking a human-centred approach to the problem and factoring in the users’ needs each step along the way. They will talk about how design processes are transitioning into usercentred design processes to create the right product for the right people. No matter how much time it takes, the process of identifying core problems should be an inalienable part of the design process right from the start. If designers skip this part, they may start solving the wrong problems.


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