Meeting master class – compact

Dirk Löffelbein — redendoktor.de

How to prepare meetings really well, conduct them successfully and also participate in them successfully. That’s what you will learn in this compact workshop.

Meetings can be fun! You will discover this in theory and in practice, by taking part. Because every participant will be able to conduct parts of the seminar themselves and so find out first-hand what can go wrong for a moderator. You will find out how to regain control of “your” meeting by overcoming all external obstacles, how to lead discussions back to the actual topic, how to stop disruptions and how to postpone parts of the agenda until the next meeting. Further topics: enforcing time constraints, the various levels of messages, intrigues and unwritten laws, how to stop chatterboxes and get quiet people to contribute.
Find out how to prepare and conduct meetings efficiently. Apply – ideally as a team – to [email protected] with the name of your company, names of the participants, telephone numbers and information on your current challenges in meetings and team communication.

Non profit organisations as well as startups get a 50% discount on the ticket price using the following code: StartupsNonProfits