NRW meets Eastern Europe

NRW.International GmbH

Eastern European markets have been growing fast since the eastern enlargement of the EU and offer increasingly popular investment opportunities.

These economies definitely have a lot to offer to us but we can also learn from them. Their low labour costs, well-qualified and available workforce, geographical proximity etc. are points that speak in their favour. However, the local way of doing business is usually different from that of western markets. We regard this as an opportunity and invite you to see and experience it for yourself and not just take our word for it. NRW.International GmbH is inviting a number of Eastern European startups (Mobility, Energy, Health, Smart City) to share their business plans, ideas and projects. They will work in groups with mentors to find solutions to certain issues which will then be presented to the visitors. This will be followed by an informal matchmaking phase, a fertile ground for starting new partnerships. The event will explore subjects such as energy, mobility, health and data protection. Startups and other interested parties are welcome to register for this event.

cooperation partner:
Ost-Ausschuss — Osteuropaverein der Deutschen Wirtschaft e. V. (German Eastern Business Association) and
Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Düsseldorf (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)