The Pitching Master Class


Take part in the training for the biggest startup pitch event in Germany. Find out how to do a convincing pitch, how to inspire people and ensure success.

This is a unique chance to take part in the training for the “Rheinland-Pitch”. It’s completely free, you don’t need to apply and don’t even need to have started your startup. The training session will show you how to make a convincing presentation – and one that is as brief as possible. You will be given some practical tips, helpful tricks and valuable information. They all originate from the Norwegian startup founder and entrepreneur, Vidar Andersen. He launched the Rheinland-Pitch together with STARTPLATZ in 2013. During the training session, you will find out what is important for a successful startup. You will find out what investors are looking for, how to pitch these points successfully and what the difference is between an elevator pitch and a pitch deck. This training is the ideal preparation for the launch of your startup and will show you how to lead your startup to success. You will definitely benefit from this training – that’s a promise! It will not only benefit your job but also your projects, your ideas and your visions.

Speaker: Vidar Andersen

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