Very important: brand yourself!

vista — Digital Brand Content Design

It doesn’t matter what sort of business you want to set up, a delivery or streaming service, a fintech or chemtech company – you still need a professional and unique corporate image.

So don’t just think about your business model but think about the branding and design of your business too, right from the start. The design in particular should be a fundamental part of your startup. This will ensure that your company’s visual identity is clearly defined in the early days of setting up your company. If you want to think about your CD right from the start, then this is the right event for you. The Düsseldorf design studio Vista will answer your questions on all aspects of branding, brand positioning, strategy and interface design. The professionals give you feedback on your ideas or any existing solutions. Come and have a chat with us, get some advice and inspiration! You can expect some valuable tips, creative ideas and a wealth of exciting suggestions on how you can set up a corporate design for yourselves right from the start that will provide distinctive visual support for your market entry.