What the f**k is growth hacking?

Lennarz Consulting

Let yourself be infected with the growth hacking spirit! Go on a day’s journey with Hendrik Lennarz and discover his brand new growth hacking process V3.0.

Guaranteed to boost your motivation – Find out how to develop products that make customers completely hooked, how to roll out scaling business models and how to reach just the right customers with online marketing. Discover which marketing channels you ought to focus on in the future and what you need to bear in mind when it comes to tracking. Step by step and using hundreds of case studies as examples, you will find out how to apply growth hacking successfully in your projects. You will then understand exactly why you need to put ideas into practice much more quickly than you do at the moment and why growth hacking is much more than just online marketing. The following topics are also on the agenda: how to define a positioning and a value proposition, how to find out what your customers really want, who your target group is, how to test scaling business models, how to build high-converting websites and landing pages and how being agile can work without IT resources.

Speaker: Hendrik Lennarz