Tickets 2024

The main program of the Startup Week Düsseldorf mainly consists of main events with a limited number of participants.

This means you need a separate ticket for each main event.

Put together your own schedule by selecting your tickets on the respective main event’s page and putting them into the shopping cart. When you have made your selection, you can easily order them as Print@Home tickets or mobile-phone tickets. Please note that ticket sales for digital events end 30 minutes before the start of the event. For on-site events, you can still buy a ticket online at the venue shortly after the event starts.

Ticketing support:

This year, your ticket includes a €10 voucher code for the Rheinbahn’s redy app. This means you are even more mobile. You can use it for journeys on buses, trains, rental bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters, car-sharing vehicles or electric scooters. You will find the code on your ticket on the righthand side under the QR code. It can be redeemed in the period from June 3rd – 7th.

Once again, many hosts have decided to donate the proceeds from their ticket sales to a good cause. The recipient of this year’s Startup Week donation is Empathy e.V., see below. If you attend an event where the proceeds are donated, you will not receive an invoice but a donation receipt.

In addition to the main program, which consists of numerous main events, you will also find side events in the program. These will inform you in a short entry that other thematically suitable events will take place in Düsseldorf from June 3rd – 7th. A short overview of each side event can be found on the respective page in the program. Further information and registration/tickets to these events can be found under the respective, external link in the short description.


You can participate in digital events for which you will also need a ticket in most cases.

Shortly before the event starts, you will receive the link to the digital event by e-mail.

However, if you want to participate in a livestream, you can register for it by purchasing a free ticket, which will contain the link to the livestream.


Only with a Code

If you read “mit Code” in the ticket widget, you can only participate in the event after you have successfully completed the respective application process. But don’t worry! Most hosts only want to know a few details about you to ensure that the right target group participates in their event. You will find details on how to apply on the respective event page under the event description. If your application is successful, you will receive a ticket code which you can use on the respective event page to get your ticket.

Mark events

Use this symbol to mark events you want to add to your favorites. With the help of the favorites you can create your own program.

Donee 2024 – Empathy e.V.

Who are we?

Empathy is the most diverse scholarship program in Germany. As the very first program with a focus on personal growth through structured exchange, we support young people from a wide variety of backgrounds – both socially and ethnically – and life experiences both ideally and financially in their personal and professional development. When selecting the cohorts, the focus is not on school grades, but on individual character.

Why do we do this?

We know from our own experience that not all people in Germany have the same starting conditions in life. After all, social and ethnic background determines the opportunities and prospects of young people. All too often, it takes a stroke of luck to beat the statistics and leave seemingly predetermined paths. We want to change that: Our goal is an open society in which everyone has the same opportunities and access to discover their own possibilities early on and confidently follow their own path.

How do we want to achieve it?

Empathy’s commitment is based on four pillars

  • Socio-political, cultural and economic knowledge is imparted to young people at events. Learning from AND with each other.
  • The diverse network connects young people from different backgrounds.
  • In our mentoring program, we support young people individually in their development.
  • Our scholarship of €100 per month (50% of which is an education voucher) gives young people new freedom on their path.
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