Do. 10. Juni 2021
16.00 – 17.00 Uhr
  • Business Development

First-hand tips from my startup journeys

Ali Selim Aytuna

Business Development

Do you have a killer product idea? Are you thinking of launching a startup? Then I will give you first-hand tips on how to make it a success!

Startups come in many shapes and sizes but the winning formula for success is to use the right principles, methodologies and frameworks. However, the amount of information out there can be overwhelming and daunting. For this reason, it may help to hear from people who actually used them when building their own startups.

In this session, I will share first-hand tips from my four startup journeys. I will not only touch on the principles, methodologies and frameworks we utilized, but also upon startup phases, choosing co-founders, funding, culture, leadership, common pitfalls and unforeseen challenges you may expect along the way.

Ali Selim Aytuna is a product leader and a tech entrepreneur with a track record of two startups. His passion is to build B2C SaaS products. He is currently the co-founder and CPO of Perzonalization, an AI-powered predictive personalization engine for e-commerce. Every month, Perzonalization helps 19 million people make intelligent purchasing decisions and has so far contributed more than 40 million US dollars to the e-commerce revenues of its customers.

Ali Selim Aytuna

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