Do. 10. Juni 2021
18.00 – 21.00 Uhr
  • Expats in DUS
  • Human Ressources

Hiring International Talents

Expat Service Desk ME & DUS

Expats in DUS, Human Ressources

The region City of Düsseldorf – County of Mettmann is becoming more and more attractive for international professionals and companies. This is especially interesting for you as a founder or startup, as you can benefit from their expertise, experience and contacts by recruiting international talent.

International professionals can contribute significantly to the success of your company. But there are a few things to keep in mind. You should take care of all the administrative formalities beforehand so that the process is started and you don’t lose valuable time later on. In addition, you need powerful, attention-grabbing employer branding to attract international talent to your company in the first place.

At the event, experts with many years of practical experience in human resources and global mobility management will talk about the process of recruitment, relocation and employment in Germany from different perspectives. The event is organized by the Expat Service Desk, which offers comprehensive information, competent advice and support as well as informational events about living and working in the region.

Interessant für
Corporates/KMU, Startups

Teilnehmer erhalten den Link kurz vor Veranstaltungsbeginn per E-Mail.

Die Schutzgebühr von 3,– €
wird an das Projekt Tech
and Teach gespendet.

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