Do. 10. Juni 2021
09.30 – 11.30 Uhr
  • Business Development
  • Human Ressources

Self-Coaching for Entrepreneurs


Business Development, Human Ressources

Starting and running a business is a very personal journey. But how often do we acknowledge this and really focus on who we want to be/become as founders?

Let’s face it, it’s all too easy to get completely wrapped up in the technical details of our companies (or business ideas). Creating sales pitches, writing business plans or tweaking the product – that’s what entrepreneurs do, right?

At the same time, our personal development often takes a back seat during this time and isn’t nearly as high on the agenda. This can lead to great difficulties, either in business or in our personal lives. Sometimes we become very successful, only to find that we have not paid enough attention to other areas of our lives, such as friendships or health. In other cases, we may not develop the interpersonal skills to move our business – and our employees – forward.

Hiring a coach is a great way to get the support you need for your journey, to reflect and discover new ways of thinking. But what if you could do it all yourself?

In our workshop, we’ll guide you along a four-step process that will give you the basics on how to coach yourself and help you develop your very own vision of who you want to be/become as a founder. To make this more relevant for our audience, we will ask you to choose from a number of typical entrepreneurial challenges.

Evelyn Janetzki

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