Design Thinking Workshop

Gosia Pytel

All the big names such as Apple and IBM seem to be using Design Thinking these days. If you want to learn about Design Thinking, then this workshop is for you.

The workshop will provide an insight into the five stages of Design Thinking and show how it can boost your team’s creativity and innovative culture. Real-life case studies will demonstrate how it works in practice. Design Thinking will be applied to a challenge of your choice to help you use this approach in combination with creativity for your own benefit. This workshop will help you understand how Design Thinking works and enable you to facilitate fruitful ideation sessions. Your workshop host is Mrs Gosia Pytel, a certified eLearning Instructional Designer. As Design Thinking Mentor, she runs entry level and advanced courses for businesses and educational organizations on how to apply Design Thinking and other creative problem-solving methods to optimize their processes and / or products. You can find more information on her projects here: http://gosiapytel83.net.

Speaker: Gosia Pytel

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