You need two things to start a company in Germany: time and patience. If successful, you will find Germany is one of the most stable and lucrative markets in the world.

This 3-hour talk will tell you how to establish a successful business in Germany. You will learn how to deal with the special aspects of German business culture, how to sell to German customers and find out how the German market differs from those in other countries. You will find out how to market and position yourself in a competitive environment. Originally from Sweden, the speaker Heléne Rhodin- Shillingford has been living in Germany for 20 years. After completing her Masters in Business Administration in 2002, she set up a consumer goods company and recently started a new career as a certified business coach helping startups and entrepreneurs build up their own successful businesses. She is also the German and Regional Ambassador in Europe for the Women´s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO), a global movement to empower and support female entrepreneurs all over the world.

Speaker: Heléne Rhodin-Shillingford

Also attending:
Sabine Schimmele – Tax Advisor
Andreas Ortlepp – Lawyer for German Corporate Law
who will inform the participants about taxation and the legal situation for startups.

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