Start Global: Why Düsseldorf is so well connected worldwide – and so interesting for foreign startups

Why Düsseldorf is so well connected worldwide – and so interesting for foreign startups

When Düsseldorf’s Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel invited guests to a virtual meeting on 12 May 2020 to discuss COVID-19 coping strategies and support for damaged economies, the meeting was not only attended by the leading lights of the twin towns of Chemnitz, Chonqing (China), Moscow (Russia), Palermo (Italy) and Reading (UK) but also representatives of the two befriended cities: Toulouse (France) and Montreal (Canada). And that is not unusual, after all the Rhine metropolis is well connected internationally.

In February this year, for example, Lord Mayor Geisel received an Indian delegation in the town hall, which then visited the Digital Demo Day and was represented at the joint international stand of the Düsseldorf Office of Economic Development by five Indian startups. An important topic of the meeting was the German-Indian Startup Exchange Programme (GINSEP), which aims to help startups from both countries gain access to and connect with the relevant ecosystems. Düsseldorf acts as a spearhead of North Rhine-Westphalia here, a startup hub offering attractive services and an outstanding infrastructure. For example, one of the partner’s workshops was appropriately entitled “Spice up your startup!”.

Düsseldorf also has good connections in Israel and not just with the twin town Haifa. For example, the Jerusalem high-tech startup for autonomous driving, Mobileye, set up its German headquarters in Düsseldorf before it was bought by chip producer Intel for 15 million euros this year.

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