Fri. 11. June 2021
01.00 pm – 04.00 pm
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ASEAN – Opportunities For Startups

Singabiz Ltd.

Business development, Expansion

The Southeast Asian ASEAN region is a dynamic and rapidly growing region with more inhabitants than all the countries of the EU combined. We provide insights into this market and its potential.

Basically, German founders and startups can profit from the emerging markets of Southeast Asia and can grow successfully in these markets because products “made in Germany” are still in high demand in Asia.

However, not all ASEAN countries are equally suitable for startups. Sometimes the relevant startup formalities are quick and simple, sometimes they are very complex and can take several months. ASEAN member countries also differ in their local funding opportunities and the purchasing power of the local population.

Depending on the focus of the planned activities, one country may be better suited than another for starting in the region. You need to prepare your market entry well and carefully select your target country if you want to be successful in ASEAN. From a tax perspective, it is also important to avoid potential pitfalls by paying attention to important details such as double taxation and free trade agreements, etc.

Singabiz, Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), SuW Steuerberatung, German Accelerator and other renowned (co-)organizers will be combining their know-how and knowledge about the region to provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the ASEAN economic area.

Cooperation partners:
MIDA – Malaysian Investment Development Authority
German Accelerator
SuW tax consultancy
Unifier Ventures

Target groups
those interested in starting a business, startups

Attendees will receive the URL to the event by e-mail shortly before the event begins.

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