From idea to product

Wacom Europe GmbH

Henry Wong is a Senior Marketing Manager at Wacom, a global company specialising in graphics tablets and digital ink. He will be giving advice on launching a startup.

Henry Wong specialises in technology solutions. Apart from his full-time job at Wacom, Henry is also an entrepreneur with over 19 years’ experience in consumer electronics working with Fortune 500 companies on 3 continents. Henry will be talking about his own experience in setting up a successful startup company. He will describe the ups and downs, joys and strains of bringing a new product to the market. Henry is an expert when it comes to managing the development of products. He will provide the audience with useful advice on what it takes to make the dream of owning a business come true. With his marketing skills in the IT and electronics sectors, Henry has some useful knowledge for anyone wanting to embark on the adventure of launching a startup. This talk will be followed by a Q&A session.

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